Mission Statement

The aim of theoretical physics is to find the universal laws of Nature explaining empirical facts. Over the years various proposed laws have been developed by theoretical physicists into theories which can be applied to a variety of fields inside (and sometimes even outside) physics. In this sense theoretical physics can be viewed as one connected scientific discipline which has many interdisciplinary connections to related research areas. This vision of theoretical physics has a long tradition in the Netherlands. The research group Theoretical High-Energy Physics in Groningen wants to continue and further develop this tradition. The mission statement of the group can be summarized as follows:


The Theoretical High-Energy Physics group aims at promoting an internationally outstanding education and research programme in Theoretical High-Energy Physics and stimulating interactions with related fields like astronomy, mathematics and nuclear physics.

Postdoc applications

The Quantum Gravity and String Cosmology groups are part of a group of institutes that collaborate for applying postdocs, using a webbased procedure. You should use the application form on the net. On that website you find also all relevant information. In our institute we have adapted the strategy that we only consider candidates that have applied in this way. The deadline for this round of applications is November 30, 2012. It concerns postdoc positions that start in the autumn of 2013. There is no need to send any paper to us. We only use the information sent to this web-application.

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