Field Theory and Particle Physics

Group members

Research activities

Our research activity focuses on phenomenology and field theoretical aspects of particle physics along three main lines:

  • Phase diagram of gauge theories: conformality and surroundings
  • Lattice QCD with twisted mass fermions
  • Phenomenology with extra dimensions

In addition to analytical studies our work involves numerical simulations of field theory. These are currently performed on two different types of supercomputers of the last generation: BG/P machines in Groningen, IDRIS (France) and Juelich and the BG/Q machine in CINECA (Italy).

Our group is part of the Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics (DRSTP), the FOM program Theoretical Particle Physics in the Era of
the LHC
and the EU training network FLAVIAnet.


Some recent and upcoming events organized by members of our group: