Tiago Nunes da Silva

PhD student
Field Theory and Particle Physics
Telephone number: 
+31 (0)50 363 4960
Room number: 
t [dot] j [dot] nunes [at] rug [dot] nl

My research interests focus on the study of Physics beyond the Standard Model with a primary emphasis on nonperturbative aspects of non-Abelian gauge theories. Most of the research I have conducted in the past recent years utilizes lattice gauge theories.  In fact, the lattice has revealed itself as an important tool in the study of new Physics. 

The aim of the projects I am developing is to gain a better understanding of the phase diagram of non-Abelian gauge theories and the emergence of conformality. These are objectives which possess a theoretical relevance of their own, making it possible to address several important open questions in the field, such as the interplay of confinement and chiral symmetry breaking. In addition, these studies also provide a framework for model builders working on a class of candidate scenarios for electroweak symmetry breaking living in a (quasi-)conformal region of the phase diagram of non-Abelian gauge theories.