Time table

Wednesday April 20


10.00h-10.30h : Coffee and registration!

10.30h-11.30h : Sijbrand de Jong (Radboud University, Nijmegen): The Higgs: elusive, illusive, delusive

11.30h-12.10h : Rychard Bouwens (Sterrewacht Leiden): Using the new WFC3/IR camera on HST to discover how the first galaxies in the universe build-up and evolve 

12.10h-12.30h : Patrick Bos (Kapteyn, Groningen): Less is more: How cosmic voids can shed light on dark energy


12.30h-14.00h : Lunch


14.00h-14.40h : Bert Schellekens (Nikhef, Amsterdam): The Standard Model, the Anthropic Principle, and the String Theory Landscape

14.40h-15.00h : Daniel Fraenkel (KVI, Groningen): Detection of the highest energy cosmic rays using decametric radiation

15.00h-15.20h : Siebren Reker (CTN, Groningen): Lattice QCD in the era of the LHC

15.20h-16.00h : Coffee

16.00h-17.00h : Licia Verde (ICC, Barcelona): Constraining fundamental physics with cosmology

17.00h-17.20h : Wojtek Hellwing (Warsaw University): Dark Matter and Dark Energy Large-Scale structure Laboratory

18.00h-20.00h : Drinks at 'Het Catshuys'.


Thursday April 21


  9.00h-10.00h : David Tong (DAMTP, Cambridge): Putting String Theory to Work

10.00h-10.40h : Raul Jimenez (ICC, Barcelona): Fundamental Physics from Astronomical Observations

10.40h-11.10h : Coffee

11.10h-11.50h : Gijs Nelemans (Radboud University, Nijmegen): The origin of type Ia supernovae

11.50h-12.30h : Dorothea Samtleben (Nikhef, Amsterdam): Observing the High Energy Neutrino Sky

12.30h-12.50h : Irene Niessen (Radboud University, Nijmegen): Finding SUSY


12.50h-14.00h : Lunch


14.00h-14.40h : Henk Hoekstra (Sterrewacht Leiden): Weak lensing by large scale structure

14.40h-15.00h : Jordy de Vries (KVI, Groningen): Electric Dipole Moments as Probes of New Sources of CP-Violation

15.00h-15.20h : Marcos Guimarães (Zernike, Groningen): High-energy physics in a solid-state system

15.20h-16.00h : Coffee

16.00h-17.00h : Jacques Delabrouille (APC, Paris) (general Physics Colloquium): The Planck mission