Friday November 5: String Cosmology


10.30-11.00: coffee

11.00-12.30: review talk by Daniel Baumann (IAS, Princeton) : Explanations for the small inflaton mass

12.30-14.00: lunch

14.00-14.30: Sjoerd Hardeman (Leiden) : Features of heavy physics in the CMB powerspectrum

14.30-15.00: Paul McFadden (Amsterdam) : Observational signatures of holographic models of inflation

15.00-15.30: coffee

15.30-16.00: Mark Jackson (Leiden) : Model independent signatures of new physics in the CMB

16.00-17.00: open discussion with moderator

18.00: drinks


 Saturday November 6: AdS/CFT


10.30-11.00: coffee

11.00-11.30: Nabamita Banerjee (Utrecht) : Holographic hydrodynamics

11.30-12.00: Jan Zaanen (Leiden) : Quantum criticality, high Tc superconductivity and the AdS/CFT correspondence

12.00-12.30: Michal Heller (Amsterdam) : Holographic approach to far-from-equilibrium dynamics of non-Abelian media

12.30-14.00: lunch

14.00-15.30: review talk by Chris Herzog (Princeton University) : The spd's of holographic superconductors

15.30-16.00: coffee

16.00-17.00: open discussion with moderator