Seminar Jacob Noordmans

Jacob Noordmans
The AdS/CFT Correspondence - Semiclassical string states and gauge theory operators

Over the past twelve years a lot of work in theoretical physics has been devoted to the AdS/CFT Correspondence. It is a conjectured equivalence between a theory of gravity on the one hand and a gauge theory on the other hand. Its original form was proposed by J.M. Maldacena in 1997. During this talk a (neccisarily brief) introduction to the AdS/CFT correspondence will be given, focusing on the best studied case of Type IIB superstring theory on a AdS_5 xS^5 background, dual to N=4 super Yang Mills theory with a SU(N) gauge group.
The correspondence implies (among other things) that the energy of certain free string states (on AdS_5 xS^5 ) is equal to the scaling dimension of the corresponding operators in the conformal gauge theory (N=4 super Yang Mills theory). To check this relation, some calculations on specific (semiclassical) string states and their dual operators will be discussed.

Monday, June 15, 2009 - 16:00