Seminar J. De Rydt

J. De Rydt
Generalized gaugings and the field-antifield formalism

The embedding tensor formalism is a powerful tool to classify possible deformations of pure Supergravities. Most of the deformations are gaugings that can be obtained when part of the global symmetry group is made local. An important lesson we have learned is that the local gauge structure is encoded in the so-called tensor hierarchy. It consists of an intricate set of p-form fields and their gauge transformations, which I will review in this talk. Then I will concentrate on the gauge algebra and point out its main structure; it is soft, open and reducible. In order to deal with these complicated properties, I will motivate the use of a very suitable formulation in terms of the field-antifield (or Batalin-Vilkovisky) formalism.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 - 12:30