Seminar Alan Garbarz

Alan Garbarz
University of Buenos Aires
Topics on 3d gravity and AdS/CFT

In this talk we will discuss some aspects of three dimensional gravity and the recent attempts to construct its quantum version in a consistent manner via AdS/CFT correspondence. We will start reviewing seminal results in the field, such as Brown-Henneaux´s work on asymptotic symmetries, which will play a main role in the discussion. The main idea of Witten´s work of 2007 will also be commented due to its importance in triggering the recent study of others (than GR) gravitational theories in three dimensions. Among these theories, we will discuss the so-called Chiral Gravity, its cousin dubbed Log Gravity, and the more recent New Massive Gravity. These theories are intended to give alternatives for a possible quantum theory of gravity in three dimensions, with notable differences in comparison with GR, such as novel black holes solutions and deformed AdS asymptotics. In addition, possible physically sensible contributions to the partition function will be mentioned, like particle-like singularities and space-times with torsion.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - 12:30 - 13:30