Seminar B. Vercnocke

B. Vercnocke
Saclay Paris
Metastable supertubes and non-extremal microstates

Metastable configurations are manifold in field theory, but found in far less numbers in (dual) gravity theories. Of particular importance is the search for metastable, smooth and horizonless geometries describing microstate geometries of non-extremal black holes. Their existence would mean the confirmation of Mathur's fuzzball proposal and his proposed solution of the information loss problem for non-supersymmetric, non-extremal black holes. I will report on new metastable configurations that are candidate microstate geometries for non-extremal black holes. These metastable configurations are probe supertubes in supersymmetric charged backgrounds that themselves can describe black holes, black rings and their microstates geometries. I will derive the supertube Hamiltonian and discuss the non-supersymmetric metastable configurations, their decay mechanism and the implications of their existence on the fuzzball proposal.

Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 12:30 - 13:30