Seminar D. Andriot

D. Andriot
A ten-dimensional action for non-geometric fluxes

Four-dimensional (4d) supergravities with non-geometric terms in their potential are very promising models for phenomenology. Indeed, these terms, generated by so-called non-geometric fluxes, generically help to obtain de Sitter vacua, or to stabilise moduli. Unfortunately, deriving these theories from a compactified ten-dimensional (10d) supergravity has not been achieved so far. One reason is that non-geometric fluxes do not seem to match any 10d field, and another one is the appearance of global issues in 10d non-geometric configurations.

After reviewing some background material, we present in this talk a solution to the two previous issues. Thanks to a field redefinition, we make the non-geometric Q-flux appear in a 10d action, which only differs from the NSNS action by a total derivative. This action is globally well-defined, at least in some example, and one can then perform the dimensional reduction to recover the 4d non-geometric potential. We will also mention an application to the heterotic string.

Based on 1106.4015

Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - 12:30 - 13:30