Conference talk V. Springel

V. Springel
HITS, Heidelberg
Simulating the Universe: past, present, and future results

I review some recent results of cosmological simulations of galaxy formation, with a focus on hydrodynamical simulation techniques and ultra-large N-body simulations. In particular, I describe a novel moving-mesh methodology for gas dynamics in which a fully dynamic and adaptive Voronoi tessellation is used to formulate a finite volume discretization of hydrodynamics which offers numerous advantages compared with traditional techniques. A number of illustrative test problems will be discussed to illustrate the potential of this technique, as implemented in the AREPO code. In particular, I discuss how simulations using the new moving-mesh code AREPO differ from calculations based on the traditional SPH technique. Our results demonstrate that inaccuracies in hydrodynamic solvers, for example with respect to the treatment of astrophysical turbulence, can propagate to non-negligble differences in predictions for galaxy formation. I will also dicuss some results from the Millennium-XXL simulation, the by far largest high-resolution cosmological N-body simulation carried out to date.

Academy Building
Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 09:50 - 10:40