Seminar Borun Chowdhury

Borun Chowdhury
Unitarity, fuzzballs and black holes or How Alice fuzzes but may not even know it!
Mathur has argued that small corrections to the Hawking process do not
lead to a final pure state of radiation from a black hole. Thus, showing
the need for large corrections to the black hole horizon he has built up
evidence for the fuzzball proposal. Arguing for the contrapositive of
Mathur’s result, AMPS have recently shown the postulates of black hole
complementarity to be inconsistent no later than Page time. Furthermore,
they claim that observers falling into a black hole after Page time burn
at the horizon. Noting that purity of the final state is necessary but
not sufficient for unitarity, we first show that unitarity requires the
evaporation process to be order one corrected from the Hawking ra-
diation process even before Page time. Thus we make the case for
fuzzballs even stronger. We then expound on the fuzzball complementarity
proposal. Unlike black hole complementarity and observer complementarity
which postulate asymptotic observers experience a hot membrane but
infalling ones fall in freely, fuzzball complementarity postulates that
fine grained operators experience the details of fuzzball and coarse
grained operators ex- perience the black hole.
Friday, October 26, 2012 - 12:30