Seminar Remko Klein

Remko Klein
University of Groningen
Mirror symmetry in flux and fluxless Calabi-Yau compactifications of IIA/B supergravities

Mirror symmetry is a postulate which says that for any Calabi-Yau manifold Y, there is a mirror Calabi-Yau Y', such that if one compactifies type IIA string theory on Y the resulting four-dimensional theory is equivalent to type IIB compactified on Y'.
We will examine the manifestation of mirror symmetry in the low energy limit of IIA/B superstring theories, i.e. that of IIA/B supergravities. We will see that by taking suitable limits (large volume limit and large complex structure limit of our Calabi-Yau's), that indeed IIA supergravity compactified on Y gives the same effective theory as IIB compactified on it's mirror Y'.
One might wonder if this continues to hold if fluxes are introduced. We wil see that in the case of RR-fluxes mirror symmetry is still manifest; however for NSNS fluxes no mirror symmetry is observed. This leads us to part from Calabi-Yau compactifications and compactify over more general manifolds with SU(3)-structure (of which a Calabi-Yau is a special case).  Restricting to the case of electric NSNS fluxes only, we will see that IIA compactified on Y is actually equivalent to compactifying IIB on a so called Half-flat manifold (which is closely related to Y')

Monday, November 5, 2012 - 12:30