Seminar Giuseppe Dibitetto

Giuseppe Dibitetto
University of Uppsala
The distribution of stable de Sitter vacua

We consider isotropic Z2 x Z2 compactifications compatible with minimal supersymmetry in four dimensions. Firstly, we introduce a systematic method for solving the equations of motion in the origin of moduli space by expressing the fluxes in terms of the supersymmetry breaking parameters. By making use of this, we revisit the geometric type IIA compactifications as a particular example and argue that non-geometric fluxes are necessary to have stable de Sitter solutions. Secondly, we analyse a class of type IIB compactifications with non-geometric fluxes and find the general solution.
Finally, we study the distribution of stable de Sitter points in the paramter space by performing a random scan and a complementary analysis of two-dimensional slices of such a paramter space. Stable de Sitter vacua turn out to organise themeselves into thick sheets at small values of the cosmological constant.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 12:30