Seminar Thorsten Battefeld

Thorsten Battefeld
University of Goettingen
Particle production during and after Inflation
Additional light degrees of freedom at certain locations in field space (ESPs) are ubiquitous in moduli spaces and can have interesting effects during and after inflation: particle production at such locations and the associated back-reaction can yield additional contributions to correlation functions of curvature fluctuations, affect the speed of the inflaton(s) (trapped inflation) and drastically alter the nature of preheating. In this talk, I first examine a single grazing ESP encounter as a warm-up, before discussing multi-field preheating at ESPs in the vicinity (but not at) the VEV of the inflatons (as in trapped inflation). The latter can be efficient if ESPs are dense, and/or if ESPs happen to be close to special locations due to prolonged narrow resonances that are absent if preheat matter fields become light at the VEV of the inflatons.
VIP-room (5114.0001)
Friday, February 1, 2013 - 14:00 - 15:30