Conference talk Jelte de Jong

Jelte de Jong
University of Leiden
The Kilo‐Degree Survey

The Kilo‐Degree Survey (KiDS) is a wide‐field astronomical survey using the newly commissioned VLT Survey Telescope. Over the next few years KiDS will build up a highly sensitive map of 1500 square degrees of sky. Main science drivers for the survey are mapping the Dark Matter distribution in the universe at the largest scales, and constraining the equation‐of‐state of Dark Energy, both through weak gravitational lensing. However, the wealth of data spawned by the project will be useful for countless other science cases. Telescope and camera were specifically designed to achieve optimal image quality over the full field‐of‐view, a crucial prerequisite for next‐generation weak lensing surveys. Together with its sister survey, VIKING, the wavelength coverage will extend into the infra‐red, enabling accurate photometric redshift measurements for distant galaxies. Combined, these important assets make KiDS a powerful tool to improve our understanding of the dark side of the universe.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 16:50 - 17:20