Conference talk Anna Nelles

Anna Nelles
RU Nijmegen
Radio Detection of Cosmic Rays -- Progress at AERA and links to LOFAR
 Measuring cosmic rays of the highest energies is still a challenging
    project. Low rates require experiments with large collecting areas,
    while the identification of the nature of the cosmic ray requires
    methods that are sensitive to the shower development. Both is
    believed to be achievable by detecting the radio emission that
    cosmic ray induced air showers produce in the atmosphere. The Auger
    Engineering Radio Array is investigating the prospects of a large
    array of radio antennas by building it at the site of the Pierre
    Auger Observatory in Argentina. 24 station have been taking data
    cosmic rays since Mai 2011 in coincidence with the other detectors
    of the observatory. At the same time, cosmic rays have been measured
    with hundreds of antennas at the LOFAR radio telescope in the
    This talk will illustrate recent results of AERA and how they
    complement those achieved with LOFAR.
Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 12:20 - 12:40