Seminar Jeroen Van Tilburg

Jeroen Van Tilburg
Probing the TeV scale with flavour transitions at the LHC

At the LHC both direct and indirect searches for new particles at the TeV scale are pursued. In the indirect searches, the transitions of hadrons containing a heavy flavor quark (i.e. a beauty or charm quark) are sensitive to effects from new, virtual particles in loop diagrams. One way to investigate flavor transitions is by looking for differences between particles and anti-particles. This phenomenon is called CP violation and such measurements can be accurately compared to Standard Model predictions. Another way to investigate flavor transitions is to search for rare decays that are only possible through loop diagrams. Many models beyond the SM predict deviations in these transitions that can be accurately tested now. In my talk I will present a few of the recent highlights in flavor physics from the LHC run 1. Finally, I will conclude with an outlook of the flavor physics that we can expect from the LHC after the first long shutdown.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 11:00 - 11:45