Conference talk Auke Sytema

Auke Sytema
University of Groningen
First test of Lorentz invariance in the weak decay of polarized nuclei

Lorentz invariance is fundamental to our current understanding of nature. In models unifying the Standard Model with gravity this symmetry may be broken. Signatures of this may be revealed in precise experiments at low energy.

For the weak interaction very few tests of Lorentz invariance have been made. We have performed a novel test by searching for spin-dependent Lorentz invariance violation in beta decay.

Using polarized 20Na nuclei, a dependence of the decay rate on the nuclear spin orientation and sidereal time was searched for. The amplitude of sidereal variations was found to be smaller than three permille.

This limit is interpreted in terms of Standard Model Extesion (SME) parameters. A new experiment with improved accuracy is being analyzed.

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 12:05 - 12:25