Conference talk Keri Vos

Keri Vos
University of Groningen
Limits on Lorentz violation in weak decays

The unification of the standard model of particle physics and general relativity at high energies allows for the possibility of Lorentz violation. Traces of Lorentz violation are detectable in low-energy experiments. We investigate Lorentz violation in weak decays by using a recently developed framework in which the W-boson propagator is modified by a general Lorentz-violating tensor. This talk gives an overview of the efforts in weak decays and present the first direct limits on Lorentz violation. We analyse the recent KLOE results on the directional dependence of the lifetime of neutral kaons. Finally we discuss the possibilities to further constrain Lorentz violation in nonleptonic decays, taking the KLOE data as an example.

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 11:45 - 12:05