Seminar Inti Pelupessy

Inti Pelupessy
The Astrophysical Multi-purpose Software Environment

The major challenge in astrophysics is the intrinsically multi-physics
and multi-scale character of most astronomical systems. For example, the
process of star formation involves the microphysics of dust and molecule
formation, as well as self-gravity, hydrodynamics and radiative transfer
on large scales, as well as the assembly of stars, disks and planets on
intermediate scales. For each of these domains seperately there exist
well tested and optimized code packages, which have been developed over
decades. Combining them is often a tedieous and non-trivial
endeavour. We have developed the Astrophysical Multi-purpose Software
Environment (AMUSE) to couple component codes easily and develop
combined simulations efficiently. AMUSE couples a wide range of
astrophysical simulation codes in a homogeneous Python-based interface.
I will present AMUSE, its current status and describe our experiences
building this multi-physics framework.

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 12:25 - 12:45