Seminar Mayerlin Nuñez Portela

Mayerlin Nuñez Portela
University of Groningen
Single Ion Spectroscopy: Towards Measuring Atomic Parity Violation

Atomic Parity Violation (APV) arises from the exchange of a Z0 boson between the atomic electrons
and the quarks inside the atomic nucleus. The sensitivity of the APV signal grows faster than the third
power of the atomic number Z and Ra+ is the heaviest alkaline earth ion available. In particular has
unique potential for a most precise measurement of the Weinberg angle. As a milestone towards this
goal, the absolute frequencies of the quadrupole transition: 7s 2S1/2– 7d 2D3/2 have been determined in
212–214Ra+ using laser spectroscopy. This provides benchmarks for the required atomic theory, in
particular of the atomic wave functions. One requirement for a measurement of APV is the localization
of a single Ra+ ion within a fraction of an optical wavelength. As a precursor experiment, a single Ba+
ion trapped in a hyperbolic Paul trap is being exploited. The current experiments focus on laser
spectroscopy techniques and relevant systematic effects. Work towards single Ra+ ion is in progress.

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 16:45 - 17:05