Seminar David Andriot

David Andriot
Munich University
NS-branes, non-geometric fluxes in ten dimensions and Generalized Geometry

Non-geometric fluxes are specific gaugings in four-dimensional (4D) gauged supergravity, that generate in the potential specific terms of phenomenological interest. Their ten-dimensional (10D) origin (e.g. from a compactification) is a priori unclear, as they are argued to descend from non-geometric backgrounds. In this talk I will present a reformulation of standard supergravity into a new 10D theory named beta-supergravity. The latter can restore a standard 10D geometry while exhibiting non-geometric fluxes, thus providing an uplift to 4D gauged supergravity. This framework allows to write 10D Bianchi identities for non-geometric fluxes. Those get corrected by a source term and boil down to Poisson equations in presence of NS-branes; in particular the Q-flux is sourced by the new 5_2^2- or Q-brane. The Generalized Geometry/Double Field Theory formalism helps to derive and understand the relevant 10D structures.

Monday, June 16, 2014 - 12:30