Seminar Vincent Vennin

Vincent Vennin
Testing Inflation after Planck and BICEP2

An unprecedented opportunity to constrain the inflationary theory is
provided by the current flow of high accuracy astrophysical data,
among which are the Cosmic Microwave Background measurements.
This is however a challenging project given the size of the inflationary
landscape which contains hundreds of different scenarios.

In this talk I will show how the simplest models (the slow-roll single
field models with minimal kinetic terms) can be studied one
by one in a systematic way. By means of Bayesian inference and
model comparison methods, I will explain how these models can be ranked.
From the Bayesian evidences and complexities of ~ 200 inflationary models,
I will discuss which models are excluded and which are the best models of inflation.
In particular, I will comment on the recent B-modes detection by the BICEP2
experiment and on its implication for inflation and inflationary models if confirmed.

Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 12:30