Seminar Pablo Ortiz

Pablo Ortiz
Effects of Heavy Fields on Inflationary Cosmology

In the first part we will discuss inflation in the presence of a heavy field sector. I will show that integrating out this sector yields an effective single field theory with a variable speed of sound for the inflaton field. Transient reductions in the speed of sound translate into correlated features in the power spectrum and bispectrum of the CMB, that are potentially observable in current data. In the second part we will discuss inflation and stability of de Sitter vacua in the presence of a supersymmetric sector in N=1 supergravity theories. I will show that in theories consistent with the supersymmetric truncation of the spectator fields, the fraction of stable dS vacua grows exponentially with respect to supergravity models with generic couplings. Last, we will discuss this result in the context of KKLT and Large Volume Scenarios

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 12:30