Seminar Pelle Werkman

Pelle Werkman
Attractor Inflation and moduli stabilization in string theory

A large class of inflation models called alpha-attractors predicts a tensor-to-scalar ratio and a spectral tilt that sits right at the observationally favored region found by Planck. These models exhibit an attractor structure due to a relation between the natural geometrically defined inflaton and the canonically defined inflaton, a relation which is analogous to the one between velocity and rapidity in special relativity. Recently, an alpha attractor model was constructed with a single chiral superfield, using Kähler- and superpotentials which appear remarkably natural from the perspective of string theory. It is therefore interesting to see whether it can consistently be coupled to the moduli of a string theory compactification. We find results that are to some extent in line with previous work on this subject. However, we find some interesting improvements on older models that we argue are generic for alpha-attractor constructions. The model performs especially well when it is coupled to a nilpotent chiral superfield for stability.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - 12:30