The Sixth Superstring

Bachelor thesis
Research group: 
String Cosmology
Pelle Werkman

 The objective of this thesis is to discuss the possible new superstring proposed by Savdeep Sethi in April 2013. In order to do this, we give an introduction to string theory pretty much from the ground up - starting with the 26 dimensional bosonic string and then on to the five di fferent flavours of ten dimensional superstring. Along the way we will discuss some of the dualities and transformations that relate these strings to each other. Savdeep Sethi's superstring will arise from just such a transformation: an orientifold of the type IIB superstring. Eventually we will start to hone in on the modern picture of string theory, which is that the superstrings are all perturbative limits of an 11-dimensional theory called 'M-theory'. We will discuss how Savdeep Sethi's superstring may t into this web of theories. By construction, the new string looks very similar to the Type I superstring. We will have to find a way to distinguish the two from each other. By comparing the Kaluza-Klein towers that result from their M-theory descriptions, we will fi nd a sharp distinction between Type I and the new superstring. However, we will be left with questions about the consistency of the new string and about its place in the M-theory web.

Publication date: 
July, 2013