PhD theses

Author Titlesort icon Link Publication date
Thomas van Riet Cosmic acceleration in Kaluza-Klein supergravity September, 2007
Andrea Borghese Cosmological and Holographical Applications of Supergravity October, 2013
Martijn Eenink Dirichlet branes, effective actions and supersymmetry October, 2005
Tim de Wit Domain-walls and gauged supergravities October, 2003
Bert Janssen Dualities of strings and branes June, 1998
Albert Deuzeman Flavours of Gauge Theories January, 2011
Giuseppe Dibitetto Gauged Supergravities and the Physics of Extra Dimensions October, 2012
Rein Halbersma Geometry of strings and branes June, 2002
Andres Collinucci Instantons and cosmologies in string theory October, 2005
Teake Nutma Kac-Moody symmetries and gauged supergravity September, 2010
Diederik Roest M-theory and gauged supergravities June, 2004
André Ploegh Particle dynamics of branes May, 2008
Jelle Hartong Seven-branes and instantons in type IIB supergravity September, 2008
Wissam Chemissany String effective actions, dualities, and generating solutions September, 2008
Jan Pieter van der Schaar String theory limits and dualities June, 2000
Dennis Westra Symmetries in N=4 Supergravities September, 2006
Harm Jan Boonstra Symmetries in string theory June, 1996

Master theses

Author Titlesort icon File Publication date
Roel Andringa A geometric notion of stationary black hole entropy PDF June, 2008
Joost de Jong Derivative corrections to the Born-Infeld Lagrangian and electromagnetic duality invariance PDF June, 2006
Laurens Jeronimus Elementary Particles in Curved Spacetime PDF August, 2012
Dani Puigdomenech Embedding tensor approach to maximal D=8 supergravity PDF June, 2008
Harm Jan Prins Gauging the half-maximal trombone in 4D PDF September, 2014
Jetze Sikkema Gerbes and M-Theory PDF November, 2004
Marco Boers Group theory and De Sitter QFT - the concept of mass PDF February, 2014
Christian van Es Higgs Inflation PDF August, 2012
Teake Nutma How Poincaré dualities survive dimensional reduction PDF December, 2005
Andre Ploegh Instantons and Kaluza-Klein reductions over time PDF August, 2004
Daren Zhou Kappa-symmetry of SL(2,R)-invariant super IIB branes PDF May, 2007
Jos Postma Little Higgs Models PDF February, 2007
Duurt Johan van der Hoek Massive neutrinos in e left-right symmetric model PDF January, 2007
Ricardo de Ruiter Numerical Analysis and Analytical Approximations of Slow-Roll Inflation Models PDF August, 2014
Jelle Hartong On problems in de Sitter spacetime physics: scalar field, black holes and instability PDF July, 2004
Wissam Chemissany On the way to finding the non-Abelian Born-Infeld theory PDF June, 2004
Sjoerd Bielleman Stability in Maximal Supergravity PDF August, 2014
Job Feldbrugge Statistics of Caustics in Large-Scale Structure Formation PDF August, 2014
Jacob Noordmans The AdS/CFT Correspondence: Semiclassical string states and gauge theory operators PDF June, 2009
Rianne Jansen The Cosmic Microwave Background radiation: determining important cosmological parameters PDF June, 2006
Remko Klein The vacuum structure of SO(p,q) gauged maximal supergravity in four dimensions PDF August, 2014
Sjoerd de Haan Thermodynamics of Born-Infeld black holes PDF April, 2009
Sjoerd de Haan Thermodynamics of Born-Infeld Black Holes PDF April, 2009

Bachelor theses

Author Titlesort icon File Publication date
Christiaan van der Kwaak Born-Infeld charged black holes PDF July, 2007
Sjoerd Bielleman Calabi-Yau manifolds in weighted projective space PDF July, 2012
Krijn de Vries Classical String Solutions PDF August, 2006
Hanne Hoitzing Double Field Theory PDF July, 2012
Henri van der Heiden Generalizations of Born-Infeld Theory PDF July, 2006
Dennis Visser Inflation by a massive scalar field PDF December, 2008
Mark Boer Lie algebras and the transition to affine Lie algebras in 2 Dimensional Maximal Supergravity PDF July, 2013
Auke Sijtema Lie-algebras en decompositie PDF August, 2007
Maikel de Vries Majorana Neutrinos and Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay PDF June, 2008
Harm Jan Prins Massive states of bosonic strings PDF September, 2008
Remko Klein Mirror symmetry in Calabi-Yau compactifications of type II supergravities PDF December, 2012
Jelco Breeuwer Modified Newtonian Dynamics PDF June, 2008
Kasper Duivenvoorden Representation Theory and Quarks PDF August, 2007
Eltjo Kraai Solutions to the Equations of Motion of Classical Relativistic Strings PDF October, 2005
Jacob Noordmans Spiky Strings PDF July, 2007
Tim van der Beek String theory & Generalized Geometry PDF July, 2012
Martin Groeneveld Strings and membranes PDF August, 2006
Maarten Broekroelofs Supersymmetry in Quantum Mechanics PDF August, 2007
Jordy de Vries The Anharmonic Oscillator PDF August, 2006
Pieter van der Wijk The Kerr-Metric: describing Rotating Black Holes and Geodesics PDF September, 2007
Laurens Jeronimus The possible influence on mass-dependent flight times on neutrino oscillations PDF July, 2008
Derk Rouwhorst The Riemann Zeta Function and the connection to Hamiltonians in Physics PDF June, 2014
Tom Boot The Road to Loop Quantum Gravity PDF January, 2008
Pelle Werkman The Sixth Superstring PDF July, 2013
Sam Nierop The Sommerfeld Enhancement PDF September, 2009
Sjoerd de Haan Thermodynamics of Born-Infeld black holes PDF April, 2009